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Bronze to our eventing team It is the horseman’s nature to expect disaster and, with Australia entering the final day of team eventing in the gold medal position, the nation’s best equestrian, Chris Burton, said: "Going into pole position is hard. It brings real pressure with it." Burton’s nine year old gelding, Santano 11, hit two
cheap nfl jerseys rails in the final ride of the team event, relegating Australia to a bronze medal,
cheap nfl jerseys china behind France who won gold and Germany silver. Had Burton rode a perfect round, Australia would have won gold; had he clipped just one rail, he would have been standing on the podium with his team mates, receiving silver. But a fallen
wholesale jerseys china rail counts for four points, meaning his penalty tally of eight, together with his two mates, Stuart Tinney and Sam Griffiths, errors brought the total to 175.3, behind France on 169 and Germany with 172.8. Eventing charts its own course. It pays no heed to predetermined narratives, historical precedents or odds on favourites. Australia has a rich history in the

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